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Beckhams to sell using their company wardrobe in aid of charityFirst published: 21-11-2013It's the vehicle boot sale to finish all car boot sales - the Beckhams have announced they're selling off a large quanity of the clothes to increase money for charity.Around 20 boxes of designer products are being auctioned off by the celebrity couple, which encourage people to give that can help victims of Typhoon Haiyan within the Philippines.The unique sale is within aid of the British Red Cross Shop Drop and both Victoria and David have raided their wardrobes to help pull in just as much cash as you possibly can.Posh apparently spent the weekend checking out what she wanted to donate and has since urged others to complete a similar.She said: "Everyone has something inside their closet these were possessing, a dress, suit rolex watches review , or footwear for women they thought they may wear again, replica watches dig them out, bag them up, drop them off and provide another person the ability to find them. breitling watches bands "The couple's belongings are inclined under the hammer tomorrow (November 22nd) with the Red Cross shop in Kensington & Chelsea - which specialises in designer gear.Bar stools on sale items shared are 100 pairs of Vic's own shoes, a group of David's baseball caps plus a quantity of matching outfits the a married couple have already been photographed in when making their many public appearances together over time.Anyone looking for designer labels should expect them many plus the store is opening for long hours to be sure that it can really make use of the unique chance to have your money. The Beckhams previously promised that parts of clothing from Dolce & Gabbana and Roberto Cavalli are only a few of the names on offer.Of course, if you can't want to try the bidding frenzy but nevertheless would like to get your hands on some top quality fashion brands in front of Christmas, visit Watch Shop to see the lots of designer timepieces available. replica breitling navitimer automatic watches
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