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Watch Spotting At Gumball 3000 In CopenhagenGumball 3000 Anniversary EditionFratelloreplica watches was present for the Gumball 3000 grid in Copenhagen last weekend. With Hublot is the official sponsor just for this 15th anniversary edition that it was definitely not the one brand on the wrist with the drivers. The Gumball 3000 is a yearly 3,000-mile (4,800 km) road rally which will take place on public roads, using a different route all over the world annually. This year the rally starts in Copenhagen and would go to Stockholm, Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Riga, Warsaw replica montblanc notebook watches , Vienna and also the finish is at Monte Carlo.Fratelloreplica watches was there to accomplish some watch spotting!Photo 1. About the wrist of an. Dharamsey from Team Wolfpack we spotted this AP Grand Prix All Carbon.Photo 2. Later within the grid one of many crew members having a Hublot which retains to be released to the public.Photo 3. The first of many Rolex Daytonas is within the wrist of Xzibit.Photo 4. The GridPhoto 5. Maximillion Cooper, replica watches founder & CEO of Gumball 3000Photo 6. No replica watches however, so what!?Photo 7 and 8. The first Linde WerdelinsPhoto 9. Another Daytona in Red GoldPhoto 10, 11 replica montblanc timewalker review watches cheap replica watches , 12, 13 Richard Mille and yet another Linde WerdelinPhoto 14. Rolex Yacht-Master II in gold/steelPhoto 15. Madina from Linde Werdelin wearing a ?right..Photo 16. Jon Olsson and Morten Linde with Linde Werdelin replica watchesPhoto 17. Friend with the show and colleague Kristian HaagenPhoto 18 and 19. Team Montreal with Hublot and PaneraiPhoto 20. Ceramic Rolex GMT-MasterPhoto 21, 22 and 23. Huge Hublot, some Hublots and LW within the wrist of Nicolai KlingenbergPhoto 24. Janni Deler, girlfriend of Jon OlssonPhoto 25. The Gumball grid just before a sluggish start the rallyPhoto 26. Hublot for the wrist of team 35Photo 27. Hublot within the wrist of team 76, Tim & Camilla from Finland.Photo 28. Starting from beginning having a concept car and a Casio G-Shock on the wrist!Photo 29. Rolex Submariner over a Jubile braceletPhoto 30. Rolex and Linde Werdelin go hand-in-handPhoto 31. Madina from Linde Werdelin showing offPhoto 31. Team German Coast Guard with Dutch driver and yet another DaytonaPhoto 32. Don't hassle The Hoff! Wearing a BreitlingMore photos of the big event can be found on bertbuijsrogge.nl/blog/gumball-3000-anniversary-edition/ replica breitling navitimer automatic watches
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